Keep your blankity-blank Blank verse

My darling girlfriend and I went through our independently-arrived-at Fringe list last night and – sorry ladies! – discovered we’re pretty compatible after all. I’ll write em all down a little later today and you can all enjoy taking potshots at my poor judgment or telling me what great taste I have.

One area we divided on was a few of the Shakespeare-based pieces. The one with the clowns I wasn’t surprised about – the poor girl finds them creepy. A few others, however, she said she was going to pass on because she was just “Shakespeare’d out.” She’s not alone on this one. Over on the enjoyable Fring&Purge blog (which has some videos of performers if you need some help deciding on some shows) Trey Graham voices a similar feeling.

What the bleeding Jesus was going on in the minds of the 19-odd people who’ve decided to stage clown Hamlets, all-female Much Ados, movement-based sonnet evenings and other Shakespeare-derived shows at Capital Fringe — which, if I may just point out here, opens just as a six-month-long orgy of iambic pentameter has finally wound down?

I mean, no offense, but no way am I signing up for y’all’s shows. And if I accidentally wander into a Fringe venue and hear somebody speaking verse, blank or otherwise, I’m going to quit taking notes and use my pen to puncture my damn eardrums.

To each his own. I think I’ll see at least one of those shows that I cannot convince my beloved to attend.

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