“No Fear Walter” – Aggressive Driver Education

I was recently driving home from the market and noticed a guy following way too closely behind me. He was one of those jerks who pulls way to the right and left, as if trying to pass in a single lane. Mind you, I don’t drive slowly. In fact, I probably could use a little slowing down when I am behind the wheel.

So eventually the guy finds room, scoots over to the next lane and speeds past, changes lanes without signaling and leaves my life forever. I hope.

The funny thing is that he had a sign on top of his car that said, “No Fear Walter – Driver Education.” I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my kids to drive like this guy does. Seems like bad advertising to drive like a jackass if you are in the business of teaching people to drive.

I tried to find a web link so I could send him some link love, but no dice. Sorry, Walter. I tried to give up the love for you, hoping it would calm your nerves a bit, but failed. Perhaps you should stop hanging out so much with Jenn, who apparently spends a lot of time guzzling the java. Or maybe just switch to decaf or maybe just take it easy.

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