A semblance of justice

Five months ago I erroneously said that I thought we’d seen the final chapter in the shooting of Aaron Brown by Officer Carl Stowe. If you’ve forgotten the details – or, perhaps, blocked them out – we first talked about the incident in Feb of 06, when Officer Stowe decided to step in front of a ton of rolling steel and respond with an ounce of high velocity lead. I foolishly thought that this would be an open and shut case – after all, surely police departments have learned from the lessons from my native Miami, where William Lozano walked into the path of a speeding motorcycle and shot the driver in the head, killing driver and passenger and triggering riots.

Silly me – Eric was more accurate with his expectations that the department would decline to fire Stowe after he endangered his own life and took another’s over an alleged dine and dash. In January of this year we saw some rational movement forward, although not enough.

Today we’ve got about as close to justice as we’re likely to get in this case, with the wrongful death suit being settled for 1.1 million. I’m not sure what amount of money could begin to approach compensation for being shot over pancakes, but I hope this expense inspires the police department to institute some rational restrictions and guidelines. If avoiding killing people needlessly isn’t enough motivation maybe this budget hit will be.

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