Thumbcasts! Reply S for more.

I love the back-and-forth nature of online media. Yesterday I mentioned an odd-seeming help wanted ad in our local Craiglist and the third comment was from one of the hiring company’s founders explaining just what they’re about.

Matt from 80108 here. To be honest, we asked ourselves the exact same question as we were getting 80108 off the ground. After a bunch of experimentation (and trials, and focus groups, and more trials), we struck upon a formula that we think works. Here’s a typical message flow from our Fake News channel on the recent Republican candidate debate:

[FNews] Lord not happy with lightning strike. He blames sore shoulder on failed attempt to take out Giuliani at last night’s GOP debate. Reply S for scoop

Lightning: Roberta Combs of the Christian Coalition spoke to the Lord. She reports He will be placed on the DL for 2 weeks – but He knows where to find Rudy.

While fake news is not exactly the same as solid candidate coverage, you get the idea. We’re hoping to bring the same approach to the campaign trail.

Interesting stuff. The DC offerings are a little limited at the moment – indie rock, style, kid stuff, and local weather. The Boston offerings – where they’re HQed – are over on the right here and pretty extensive. I’m not sure I want my cellphone bleeping with texts all the time but I don’t think I’m quite their target demographic.

What would be good text message fodder for a town like ours? WaPo has a neat RSS feed of congresscritter votes, would that be something our pol-obsessed town would want to see? Street closings for some damned diplomat? Inactive hydrant locations? Mayor-for-life Marion Barry arrest sightings?

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