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The never-ending ass-ache that is my job prevented me from getting this up pre-walk yesterday but don’t let that stop you from throwing in your support! Amber is another member of the team Molly is leading and also a star money-maker. As you can see, she’s taken the mission to promote the pink fairly… well, I don’t know that I can call it SERIOUSLY but it’s some sincere devotion none the less. Her text below was written before she got this final dye job

I am participating in the walk for three generations of women:

  • My friend Karin, in her early thirties, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and is currently undergoing treatment.

  • My friend Jessie’s mom, Pat, who died at 42 of the disease, leaving 6 children ages 5-17 without their loving mother.

  • My boyfriend Jeremy’s grandmother, who died of breast cancer just 4 months before he was born.

When I started this walk I was worried about meeting my fundraising goals. I decided that if the people in my life helped me reach those goals, I would dye my hair bright pink and keep it for a week. My fabulous hairdresser, Bryce, agreed to do the dye job for free. Let’s hope I can talk him into dyeing it back, because I have met my goals. With the help of your readers, I can make it over $2,500. This would be such an honor to the memory of those lost and those who survived or are surviving with breast cancer.

So, for the women I mentioned above and the millions of others affected by this disease, I ask you to give. Give what you can. Any amount will help. If you would like to make a donation, please visit my personal page. There you will find my not-so-fancy photo shop job of me with pink hair. I promise to send in a photo of the real dye job from the walk, which will look much better.

Be sure to check out our team blog too.

For a cure.

Help fight breast cancer and support Amber here. When you click the “click here to support me” button on that page you can opt to do any amount on a one time basis or make a commitment to contribute $25 or more every month for three or five months.

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