Two Concert Thoughts

I wanted to keep these thoughts separate from my review of the Killers show because they have no bearing on the actual show itself, but rather indicate other trends at work in our culture.

Point the First: What’s up with half the audience wearing Killers shirts to a Killers show? Seriously? Didn’t any of you see PCU? The scene where Droz lambastes Gutter for wearing the shirt of the band he’s going to see to the concert? Nobody does that. You don’t wear the shirt for Frog and Toad are Friends to the Frog and Toad are Friends concert. You don’t wear Killers gear to a Killers show. Seriously, people, are you not aware of the rules governing such events?

Point the Second: I had to have seen 50-100 LCD screens lit up on the floor in front of the stage. There must be a complete video/picture record of the concert last night between the various kids with cameras. What’s that trend mean? Is this an issue of trying to capture more memories? Is it perhaps something related to the ephemeral nature of culture and an attempt to grasp pieces of that for posterity? What’s it mean? This one’s a bit more interesting than the first point, I’ll admit, but I’m not sure I can grasp it entirely.

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  1. Hy Hy (unregistered) on April 27th, 2007 @ 5:21 pm

    Hate to say it, but I’d imagine that 80% of the audience at a Killers show consists of teenage girls younger than sixteen, meaning

    1. Of course they haven’t seen PCU nor would they be privy to those seminal words spoken by Droz; and

    2. They live by the cell phone… and die by the cellphone.

  2. Evil Moo (unregistered) on April 27th, 2007 @ 11:51 pm


  3. Eric (unregistered) on April 28th, 2007 @ 9:21 pm

    Saw Roger Waters play last summer when he was doing Dark Side of the Moon as the second set. Guy in front of me at the will call window was not only wearing a Pink Floyd shirt, he was wearing a Dark Side of the Moon shirt with the track list on the pack.

    Wearing the shirt of the set list for a show you’re going to see has to be a new low. Tsk, tsk.

  4. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on April 29th, 2007 @ 2:54 pm

    When the band’s a legend, it’s one thing, Eric, wearing the old t-shirt from the tour 20 years ago is a badge of pride. Wearing a brand new t-shirt you just bought at the vendor by the beer guy…that’s just sad.

  5. Tiff (unregistered) on April 30th, 2007 @ 9:24 am

    The audience at the Killers show, while it did have a large number of teenage girls, was surprisingly diverse. There was the couple in their 40s right in front of us getting their rock on (though apparently the woman thought she was still a teenager, whale tail and all), and would estimate that about 50% of the audience was over the age of 25. After all, someone had to be able to sing along with the Silver Beats.

    And it was usually the mid-20s *guys* wearing the shirts.

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