I was wrong

When a cow orker today sent me this link to the reader’s poll about the peep dioramas it took me all of three seconds to be certain which would win: The Rosslyn Station peeps, of course. Everyone loves hearing about themselves, and it doesn’t even have to be positive attention – when Jonathan Coulton appeared at Jammin Java and played “I hate LA” he commented that he got more requests for that song in California than anywhere else, and the most applause and excitement for it in – you guessed it – LA.

Well, turns out we’re not quite as big a bunch of self-absorbed bunch of media whores as LA. By 0.4%

Nope, we’re bigger pervs. The peeping peep is our big winner. The WaPo’s actual winner, it’s worth nothing, is 8th. Out of 22. And I’m at least a little bit right – the number 3 place is a full 8% behind the Rosslyn creation

Now, this is an ongoing poll so I suppose the final vote could change, but I’m assuming by now we’ve settled into our averages. Personally, I voted for the Reservoir Dogs diorama, but I’m still on a Tarontino-Grindhouse high.

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  1. Darling Girlfriend (unregistered) on April 13th, 2007 @ 11:21 am

    I have to admit Peeping Peeps was my favorite. That’s right … darling girlfriend is a perv. But Rosslyn Metro was a close second. Especially when I learned the guy who made it actually went to the station and took photos to create a realistic scene.

    I’m already working on my entry for next year.

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