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Good Friday in DC

Did you attend the Washington Post Bloggers Summit or better yet, the drunken after party? While I didn’t feel any lasting effects, either from the WashPost or the booze at the time, it seems that the Post didn’t forget us.

Now several DC Metrobloggers are getting press releases from Euro RSCG Magnet, a PR firm that the Post has hired to publicize its Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive website.

First was a plug for the Joshua Bell Experiment, that was topical if a little tardy. Then today came a more obscure note about the WashPost going HDTV on us:

washingtonpost.com, the award-winning news and information Web site, today announced high-definition (HD) podcasts, designed to be viewed on HD television and computer screens, are now available on iTunes. In a first for a news organization, the award-winning documentary videos created by the washingtonpost.com multimedia team also conform to the highest specifications for the new Apple TV, making it easier than ever to view extremely quality news content anywhere, any time users want it.

Could this be a good sign that DC bloggers, and blogging in general is getting more respect, or is it yet another attempt by PR firms to shape thoughts and ideas best left to independent thinkers?

I’m hoping the former, as I’ve come to learn firsthand with my humble OLPC News, blogging is moving into the mainstream, so much that the line is already blurring on what is “mainstream media” or not.

DC bloggers, are you getting the Euro RSCG Magnet emails too? If so, what do you think?

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  1. Krempasky (unregistered) on April 10th, 2007 @ 1:24 pm

    “best left to independent thinkers”?

    What a load of pablum. The fact that someone would invest resources to let you/us/we/bloggers know about stuff that is actually relevant to the medium says a lot about the value that they place on the outlet and the audience.

    Take the compliment and leave it at that.

    (yes, a flack myself – but one that’s been blogging since the stone ages)

  2. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on April 10th, 2007 @ 1:27 pm

    Yeah, I don’t see the big deal here at all. We’re local media, they’re trying to get more recognition for their (quality) work, so just accept the compliment from the Post, and then move on.

  3. Don (unregistered) on April 10th, 2007 @ 2:12 pm

    I’d say the problem with these is that I hadn’t even been opening them – given that the return address didn’t seem to jibe with the material in the subject line, I thought they were spam using phrases that seem like normal messages in order to get me to open them. I’ve been deleting them unread!

  4. Don (unregistered) on April 10th, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

    Now that I go back and open one, I notice that they’re sent with me as a BCC: recipient – I am not the person on the To: line. I see it here from work on the webmail but I’m not even sure this would make it past my spam filter on my home machine.

  5. Carl Weaver (unregistered) on April 10th, 2007 @ 4:31 pm

    My spam software may be filtering them out but the one today about the videos is the ifrst email like this I have received. I think these are essentially harmless but they could do a lot to make it more interesting or attractive to read.

    I get hung up on the phrase “extremely quality news.” As opposed to high quality news, or just quality news? I don’t think this phrase makes a lot of sense, except possibly to people who also use “zero” to refer to non-quantifiable amounts. (e.g., “zero fat” or “zero effort.” For Christ’s sake, just say no fat or no effort, or maybe zero grams of fat, you damned nitwits.)

    Sorry for blowing off steam there.

  6. Doug (unregistered) on April 10th, 2007 @ 4:59 pm

    I politely reminded the sender of our Suggest a Story link. I read the Post every day, as do most of the authors here on Metblogs DC, so these sort of prods aren’t really necessary.

    As Wayan mentions, the first email I got was in regards to Joshua Bell, which Tom had already covered. Some PR, take a look around first.

    Finally, the Post doesn’t need any help in our regard. The ratio of our linking to them as opposed to the other way around is lead heavy.

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