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Thirsty Thursday?


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Whilst driving home from the office late last night, what should I spy along M Street but a parked limosine outside of the Rhino Bar.

If you’re like me, and chances are you’re not, you’d wonder which celebrity A-lister (or Georgetown trust-funder) would do something so crass as to rent a limosine to take them to the Rhino Bar.

At least they weren’t drinking and driving. I hope they didn’t have a hangover this morning.

good for my morale, bad for my ass

Ollie’s… Olley?

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I just realized this morning that my new job is just across the intersection from Ollie’s Trolley. (No, not this location, the other one. But that one doesn’t photograph as well.)

This is going to be very bad for my cholesterol. But so, so good. Mmm, Olliefries.

Time to Buy the Jefferson

Check out who is selling off everything this weekend: the Jefferson Hotel.

Like the St Regis sale, expect long lines and frantic people. Liquidations bring out the crazy in otherwise normal shoppers.

Now that I have an empty house to fill on the cheap, I might just get a little crazy myself.

Tickets are here!

Ticket are here!

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Well, I picked up my Nationals season tickets tonight from our friends in Reston who are the drop box for the Nats mail. Adam and Lynne gleefully handed over our two seats as well as our opening day seats. Driving back, and stuck in traffic after the toll plaza, I opened the booklets.

Good God, Nationals, these are what we were waiting weeks and weeks on? I mean, couldn’t we have at least gotten some foil on the tickets? Maybe some embossing? I mean, we are shelling out $20 per seat per game for RFK, for crying out loud. To watch a team that by all accounts is going to finish Dead Last in the NL East? At least let us have some pride in our tickets.

But, cheapness on the part of the Lerner Family isn’t exactly surprising, I guess. I mean, just look at the roster this year…it’s a miracle that they filled out all 25 Opening Day Roster Slots.

Annual driving reminders

It seems that it is once again time for me to remind some of you about certain driving facts, as they relate to the laws in MD, DC, VA, and as to my personal behavior.

One, it is permissible to turn right on a red light under certain circumstances in our locale. It is not, however, required. Thusly, you have no reason to honk at me because you feel I am taking too long to do so. I am within my rights to take as long as I wish to ascertain that it is indeed safe for me to make the turn, or even not to turn. I am most certainly required to come to a complete stop before I turn on red, even if you never do so yourself.

Two, relating to my personality rather than traffic laws, the instant you honk at me in the above described situation, you guarantee that we’re going to be sitting through the entire light until it turns green. That thing might be on a 9 hour timer, but I am gonna keep you waiting there behind me even if I have to call in sick for my job and pee into an old coke bottle so I can wait it out. You got me, sparky? You, your type-A ‘personality’ (and I use the term loosely) and whatever unfortunate individuals are passengers in your feckless deathmobile will all be cooling your heels behind me till I am sure it’s well and truly green.

That is all.

missed connections – tequila girl

You: Young woman, late twenties, outside the entrance to the Mayflower Hotel. Black business suit and heels. Black wheeled suitcase, black laptop bag over your shoulder with a Texas flag luggage tag. In your other hand: A mostly empty bottle of Patron.

Me: Young woman, late twenties, walking past the entrance to the Mayflower Hotel. Also wearing all black. Wondering what the tequila was for. Who drank it with you? What was the occasion? Did you drink it by yourself? How did you manage to look so UN-hungover? Were you celebrating the end of your suck-ass job, like I would be later that evening with the very same libation?

So much in common, so many unanswered questions. Perhaps we would be friends.

iTicket? Nope. iPark.

iPark.jpg Being self-employed, I am often seen working from the bar at various Arlington restaurants, or at various coffeeshops, and that means parking at meters throughout the area. Sometimes I’m fastidious about my meter, remembering to get quarters, remembering to feed it often, and those days I avoid the parking enforcement group of the Arlington Police. Some days, I’m more casual, or I get absorbed in a task and come out 20 minutes late, only to find the signature green envelope that is the hallmark of yet another parking fine. At this rate, I could run for president someday.

No more.

I went down to the County Offices today and got myself an iPark, which now hangs from my rear view mirror and protects me from the green envelope people. It cost me less than one parking ticket, and can be refilled by calling the Arlington County offices. No more runs for rolls of quarters. No more running out to a meter. Just click some buttons on the face of the iPark unit and away you go. It covers the different rates, the different meter types, and works all over the county. It’s $20 for the device, but when you think parking violations start at $25, it’s money well spent. Now if only I could refill it over the internet…

Snack Time

DC Snacks

Think fast DC. It’s 2:00 in the morning on a Saturday night. You just polished off 10 beers with your friends at Lucky Bar. While your goal was to meet some hottie, well, it just didn’t happen, even with those extremely thick beer goggles you have on. Your friends are in the same boat that you are so you say, “Adios amigos,” and go your separate ways. You stumble home, plop down on your couch, but there’s only one problem. You somehow forgot to eat dinner and you’re starving! What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Well if you’re like me, you have no food in your house. Your fridge contains butter, expired salad dressing, and some ketchup. You could go to 7 Eleven and get one of their day old hotdogs that have been rolling around on the torture rack all day long. But an even better alternative is to get on your computer and go to DC

From ice cream to frozen pizza, condoms to cigarettes, DC Snacks has a little bit for everyone. They accept orders from 8pm to 2am (Sun-Wed) and 8pm to 4am (Th-Sat), and judging from their customer testimonials they do a good job.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days of You could order almost anything from their site (magazines, movies, food, beverages, etc) and have it delivered to your door for free. Why leave the house? Sadly they were a victim of the dotcom implosion.

I just found out about DC Snacks a few days ago so I haven’t tried them out yet, but hey, Saturday is only a couple of days away and Lucky Bar is calling my name.

A Wall Goes Down

Wall Gone

By the Metro escalators at the Union Station 1st St NE entrance, for several months now, a large enclosure of wood panels has blocked the gap between the escalators and the entrance to Amtrak HQ. This week I noticed that the walls are finally gone, and once again foot traffic is free to pass through the gap to get to the down-bound Metro escalator without squeezing in with the opposing traffic on the other side of the entrance.

What I’m wondering is, why was that area closed off for so long? Call me unobservant, but I really don’t see much visible change in the floor or walls which were walled up, other than a shinier floor and some duct tape over the grout. Surely all that work wasn’t just to lay down some wiring and polish the granite? Union Station Metro-goers, what do you think?

DC Media Makers Meets Tonight at RFD

DC Media Makers will meet tonight for their monthly social night at RFD near Gallery Place. This is a great group of folks, dedicated to videoblogging, podcasting and other Internet media-related topics.

DC Media Makers meets every other Thursday, alternating between the type of social gathering that is happening tonight and then meeting for discussion and education again two weeks later.

From their website:

Join us as we Media Makers expand our social frontier & try a new place downtown at At R.F.D (Regional Food and Drink). All videobloggers, videoblogger wannabees, and media moguls of every stripe welcome to this informal networking event.

RFD is located at 810 7th St NW in Chinatown, between H and I streets. Take the Metro to gallery place and take the 7th and H exit to Chinatown. It’s half a block up 7th on the left, just after Fado and before the Goethe Institute

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