Arlington’s $10 Compost Bins

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to get those bulbs, seeds and saplings in the ground. That garden’s not going to tend itself, as my father might remind me if I were still 15 and playing the Dead Kennedys as loud as I could. Back then I didn’t know composting from Jello Biafra‘s left nut but now that I am a middle-aged guy living out here in the ‘burbs my ears perk up when someone speaks of such yard care wonders.

Arlington County has made compost bins available to residents for the low sum of $10. Is this a bargain? Hell yeah. Have you seen the prices compost bins go for from some of those fancy-pants gardening catalogs? $10 is more than a great deal for your pocketbook; it’s a wonderful way to help the environment, reduce your ecological footprint and get those worms making some great castings.

Even for this particular product, the Presto Compost Bin, $10 is way lower than prices on some of the web sites I came across. This is a low-tech composting system, just slightly fancier than the way nature does it all on its own.

The bin is simply a piece of flat plastic with a bunch of holes drilled in it. Nothing fancy, nothing complex. Throw your vegetable-based kitchen scraps, yard waste and even crushed eggshells in there, layer on something good and nitrogen-rich and pretty soon you will have some of the most beautiful black soil you can imagine. The worms will love it and you will too.

Here are some more details:

This compost bin has an adjustable capacity – up to 3 ft. in diameter, or 17.6 cubic ft.
Compost bin is constructed of 50 mil thick plastic (minimum 50% post consumer waste) with natural ultra violet inhibitors to prevent degradation by light
Excellent ventilation for aeration
Helps retain heat and moisture
Easy to assemble; lightweight

Go give yourself and your garden the gift of compost. You will never look at food scraps or worm castings the same way again.

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