Caffeine Omnia Vincit

In the midst of a particularly uninteresting morning my head hit the desk.This patient is flatlining. Time for some caffeine, stat.

My love affair with this legendary yet legal stimulant is, ah, legendary, previously documented here and here. I tried to give it up earlier this year, but the latest attempt was thwarted by a trip to Venice last month for Carnevale (I dare you to give up caffeine in a city where the hot chocolate is luxuriantly thick and every espresso has perfect crema). I was in the first cafe I saw for my blissful reunion. Oh well, one resolution broken, on to the next!

Luckily when I need my fix on a DC workday I can walk around the block and partonize a local small business instead of having to go to you-know-who and have what passes for their coffee these days (speaking of which, did anyone catch the news about Starbucks’ CEO regretting the loss of their original innocence? priceless!).

There’s a little storefront called The Coffee Espress run by a man I consider to be the sweetest in DC.

It’s at 1250 H Street and if you blink, you miss it. Just the tiniest of spaces with the friendliest of atmospheres. I stumbled in looking bleary-eyed and was happily greeted by, “The usual?” Though the morning usual switches between cappucino and mocha, somehow they know it means a mocha this morning (must be the need for chocolate etched into my half-starved expression due to stupidly skipping breakfast, but I digress).

I love places like this, where the guy chats me up about Metro’s continuing problems and wishes me a good morning and I know that it’s sincere and I’ll see him again soon. So convivial. This is the kind of interaction that most people miss, hurrying around eyeing everyone suspiciously. Sigh. Now if only I could stand at the counter and have my espresso in a real china cup while eating fritelle, then life would be perfect…

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