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It’s DC Fashion Week 2007!

dc fashion week

Surprise, surprise! DC has fashion, and this is DC Fashion Week!

A partnership of independent fashion designers, producers and models, DC Fashion Week promotes the area’s fashion design, clothing merchandising and hot models.

It also has the dubious goal of enhancing the visibility of the nation’s capital as a center of international fashion.

While I wish them good luck in that, you should wish good luck to my hottie co-worker Chanelle.

In her fashion finest this week, she’ll be strutting down the runway on February 28th at the Fair Trade Collections, hosted by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Drinks start at 6:00pm, Fashion Show at 7:00pm, and the chance to chat up smoking hot models lasts all night long!

Framing Fantastico

Here we go again, another snowstorm in the DC area. Or wait – is it rain? Either way, you may be getting sick of us talking about snow or restaurant bathrooms, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to show off what I think is a great photo by Linda O’Dell .

At first glance I thought this may have been taken using an antique camera that uses something called “film”. Alas, it’s not film, but merely a Photoshopped digital photo from a Sony DSLR-A100. The framing and composition of this shot is superb, and the grain and shading at the top and bottom add a nice effect. Overall this shot really captures one of my favorite places in this city, our beloved Mall. In the summer you can find free movies, kickball games, and swarms of tourists. In the winter you can find protests, people having snowball fights, and swarms of tourists. I just think it’s great that we have such a huge place set aside for us to keep ourselves entertained.

Good luck navigating that snowstorm DC. I hope your commute is as fun as mine is tomorrow morning.

PS – I’m sure if you’re a Canon enthusiast like I am, you’ve by now heard of their newly announced DSLR, the amazing 1D Mark III. Redesigned from the ground up, this thing shoots 10 frames per second (amazingly fast), has a Live View mode (like a point and shoot), sensor cleaner, all new menu system, custom lens focusing, amazing auto focus abilities, improved ISO range…the list goes on and on. They’ve really set the bar with this one. It will be interesting what Nikon and others do to catch up.

My Fastidious Neighbor


That sidewalk looks pretty clean, doesn’t it? You’ve no idea. This guy lives two doors down from me. I know neither him nor anything about him except that when it snows he’s the best neighbor in the world.

He first brushes all the snow off his front bushes. He then clears the snow off his garbage cans. This is when the fun starts. He shovels and shovels again and again and again. I just watched him go for over an hour nonstop. He’d shovel one end of his sidewalk and then the other end and then go back to clear away what snow had since fallen on the first end.

Finally satisfied, he turned his shovel upside down and spent several minutes cleaning it with a small brush. I’m not kidding. He then got out a broom and swept for twenty minutes, including underneath his garbage cans.

Pentagon City snowfall total 02.25.2007

Flickr photo by wfyurasko

Here in Pentagon City we got our deepest snowfall total of the season, a whole 3½ inches. How much snow did you get?

This guy wants to know how long until Opening Day

Flickr photo by wfyurasko. Nationals cap by MC Hamme

A Possible Pre-Protest Conversation

“Honey, it’s a beautiful winter day in Washington DC. What do you want to do?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the usual: head down to the White House and put my hood on.”

white house protest

“Really? But you’ve done that the last few warm weekends too”

“And I’m going to keep doing it until the illegal Guantanamo prison filled with Bush-declared “enemy combatants” is empty.”

“But that might be for years?”


“At least take the knee pads I bought you for Christmas”

Fluffy Snow

Fluffy Snow

Originally uploaded by tbridge.

It’s a fluffy snow out there today, coming down in big, heavy flakes. I got up this morning expecting sleet and slush, and was greeted with this sight instead. I swept the walk at 11, but looking at it now and quarter past twelve, I think I only made the snow angry.

Judging from my discussions with a few people in varied parts of town, snow’s everywhere in DC, with even the treated streets amassing snow. If you’re on the roads today, be careful. If you’re wondering where the plows are, check the new snowplow tracking system, but from the looks of it, they’re salting, not plowing, at this point.

This is just about perfect snowball snow, though, so expect some quality snowball fights in your neighborhood today, and be prepared to make a nice fort. I expect tomorrow will be less than fun, though.

Over an inch already

Well, while Capital Weather says “1-3″ accumulation, esp southwest, west and northwest;” between 10a and 2p, I’d say we already have well over 1.5″. It’s picture-perfect, light and fluffy. Throw em if you roll em… snowballs, that is.

Cafe Asia Unisex Bathroom Decision Time

It’s a Cafe Asia Downtown happy hour and you brought your passport to drink. You are bloated from cheap Kirin or $3 Japanese sake. You need to wiz. As you stumble into the bathroom, you’re present with a Washington DC first: a unisex bathroom:

café asia toilet

Which door are you going to choose? And if you are a guy, might you shut the door behind you? Thanks.

We need not see your toilet choice no matter if we stand or sit.

Nats single game tickets go on sale in 55 minutes

Tickets to regular season Nationals games go on sale at 9 a.m. today. Buy them online or at RFK Stadium.

Fifty Thousand?!

George Washington University has the dubious honor of being the most expensive college in all of the United States, according to a study quoted on tonight’s All Things Considered. You can listen to Robert Siegel’s interview with GW’s President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. Noted for me is the weaselly sound of justification for their exhorbitant tuition. Personally, I don’t think any amount of education can possibly be worth $200,000 of debt racked up over a four year degree. More so, I think many high school kids would do well to catch Accepted, and think about the process of higher education as a whole. Hell, GW’s tuition on an annual basis is higher than the median household income in the United States.

So, GW alums, what do you think? $50k a year? Too Much? Too Little? Ridiculous? It seems to me that Fifty K a year ought to come with, ahem, some other benefits.

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