Crampon Crampoff

All this talk about the impending storm we’re “in for” over the next few days got me to thinking. It sounds to me more like we’ll be getting an ice storm rather than any significant snowfall. Personally, I’d rather see a decent amount of snow over ice. I can recall once such storm many moons ago and after it had melted away a large majority (yours truly included) of people I knew were hobbling around on crutches. Just walking to you car (let alone attempting to drive) or to the nearest store was a risky proposition. The coefficient of friction becomes all the more meaningful when it’s reduced to near zero.

So, if you really want to play it safe, why not pick up a pair of these evil looking mountaineering gadgets? Experts even use them to scale vertically up frozen waterfalls, but I doubt an ice axe will be necessary to stroll down the sidewalk.

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