But…where’s the truck?

Hard Times Cafe

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Driving into Old Town tonight for my weekly trip to the Virginia Tech campus, something didn’t feel right. All of a sudden, I was Payne & King St., the heart of Old Town, but it’s like I had missed the gateway. Suddenly I had gone from residential to commercial with no buffer. I stopped at Payne Street, the site of a recent accident involving my Jetta and a crazy drunk woman’s Nissan, and it didn’t feel right.

Coming home, I put my finger on what was absent: this beautiful antique truck, with American flag & plastic horse and the striking Christmas lights. It’s the gateway to Old Town, coming from the Masonic Memorial. A homey touch of American making the transition from residential to commercial, and tonight its spot stood empty. The tired fa├žade of Hard Times looked lonesome for its eponymous symbol of American perserverance in the face of its iconic Protestant Work Ethic name. Where’d the truck go?!

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