Milk Toast

blizzard Although the wind is supposed to die down this weekend (thank god, that’s what I hate more than cold weather by far), along with ample sunshine and slightly higher temps, the extended forecast calls for snow squalls early next week. Panic! Close all schools and businesses now, why waste time?

Folks in the DC area couldn’t punch their way out of wet paper bag when it comes to winter. Cities near the Great Lakes, especially on the leeward side (Buffalo for instance), get slammed with snow all winter long and they function quite nicely, thank you. Granted, they have more plows and trucks and salt because they’re used to it, but get a grip will you? An inch or two of snow and everything grinds to a halt?

Is everyone waiting to retire so they can move to Florida? Let me clue you in, Florida is a shithole. And according to Al Gore it will soon sink into the ocean anyway.

Personally, I’d rather have winter because you can always prepare for it rather than those 100° August days when you wish you could peel your skin off or lounge in a pool all day long. Too bad we have to work. Consider the poor construction worker over someone sitting in a nice air-conditioned office. Of course, working outside in winter sucks even worse than in the heat.

Or does it? I’m not sure. I wish I could quote Geena Davis from Quick Change, but that would be more cursing and even more derogatory than this post.

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