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384765752_812dac56a7_o.jpg I pass by often during the work week, not bothering to stop in because I’m on my way to or from lunch. I’ve forgone the eclectic staff, inhabitants and interior for my standard triple, venti, skim 4 shot almond, 3 shot vanilla latte from that giant coffee conglomerate from the west. After being anally-raped for a 20oz frothy beverage and having to venture forth through the cross-winds coming off the canal, what do I get for my trouble? I get a burnt tongue from an excessively hot latte and sore ears. Is the extra walk and the long line worth the trek only to be disappointed by not so frothy goodness? I think not.

During my morning travels today, as I meandered along Thomas Jefferson Street, stopping to take a few quick snaps of the canal, I decided to stop in the often forgotten local bakery and imbibe in the foamy goodness of a 16oz treasured latte.

Baked and Wired has changed since the girls left for school and the boys took over but that didn’t stop a wry smile from escaping my lips as I approached the entrance, spotting the ‘Use the other door! ……pretty please?’ sign. Once inside, I noticed more people sitting at the large work bench in what used to be the copy shop than usual, after stepping through the threshold I was blinded by a large variety of cupcakes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Now not being a donut nor cake person, I can tell you that these bad boys are to die for. They may not be the Cake Love of Georgetown but this local haunt is a must for a mid-morning snack to share amongst coworkers or for a quick treat for that forgotten birthday.

So which kind of barbecue do you prefer? Just one of the many questions one will face when visiting Baked & Wired.

Baked & Wired
Address: 1052 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW, Washington, D.C.
Phone: 202.333.2500
Hours: 7a.m.-6p.m, – M-F

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  1. danny (unregistered) on February 10th, 2007 @ 4:19 pm

    Does the “wired” in their name refer to free wi-fi or the effects of caffeine?

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