What does Washington mean to you?

What a treat reading the back page of the Post’s Outlook section today. Its a great page full of stories, opinions, and ramblings from non-Washingtonians about the District and District culture. The writers have visited once, or many times, spending either a few days or even partially living here at some point.

The writings are those typically of reporters from different areas of the country, one of the most interesting pieces being from the wife of Senator Brown of Ohio. Representation comes from Oregon, Alaska, Michigan, Kentucky, and the list goes on.

Although Steve Duin of the Oregonian may have been speaking of a specific administration, I choose to take one of his lines as incredibly striking, but general. If you can only read one submission, read his, with this line: “Even the White House look like it stands for something from a distance” while highlighting how so many are disenchanted with “Washington,” but still see the history, the hope for the future, and mystique of what goes on here.

Wish you could have submitted a piece as well? Tell us what Washington means to you below – or what it meant to you before you were a “local.”

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  1. smouie kablooie (unregistered) on January 15th, 2007 @ 9:30 am

    As a local, the DC area has always been my home. For me there is a certain feeling I get when I’m driving home from a long road trip, or flying into National, early morning or late at night. Times when there seems to be no one in the city but you. The light will catch one of the monuments as you pass by, and I just feel the comfort that comes with living where I grew up – that inate sense of familiarity.

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