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Speaking of basketball at George Mason University – this year’s homecoming promises to be different from those in recent years – and no I’m not talking about the crappy poker-themed slogan "Green ‘n Gold Never Fold" (gag).

Back in the late 90’s if you were interested in tailgating before the homecoming game (or really any basketball game for that matter) you did it with your friends in the dorms. Sometime after the new millennium, school sponsors figured out it would be really great for our spirit-starved school to start hosting a block party in the parking lot outside the Patriot Center. Ever since then, the homecoming game has been a time when students and alumni could all get together and enjoy an a tailgating experience that once seemed reserved for folks that went to the state’s other public colleges/universities.

After many years of successful homecomings, the administration has decided they want to change things up. The word on the street is Mason has adopted a policy to ban all alcohol at this year’s Homecoming tailgate UNLESS they are purchased through the on-site vendor – and apparently you must also stay inside the confines of the beer garden they provide. Leave it my alma matter to take something that was once enjoyable (remember Mason Day before there was a fence and full cavity searches?) and turn it into a
shadow of its former self.

Mason’s policy essentially eliminates the kind of traditional tailgating that you would normally find at another college. I’m not saying the University should allow underage drinking. However, there are other ways to prevent it – like the police patrols they’ve had in the past. This approach just seems like another cheap tactic by the administration to make money off of what should be an enjoyable and spirited event – not commercial.

If you are an Alumnus, please take the time to read and sign this online petition. If you know someone who is an Alumnus, please forward them the link to this petition.

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