An Interesting Plan for DC Voting Rights

tax.png Marc Fisher of the Post has an interesting blog entry on DC Voting Rights that is half his own, half belonging to Paul Goldman, who advised former VA Governor Wilder. The plan is simple: get the House Democrats to craft a bill that grants DC citizens a full exemption from federal income tax, unless a constitutional amendment is passed by the House and Senate and ratified by 3/4ths the states by the 4th of July. The meat of the plan is more complex and deserves some reading, but it sounds like a halfway decent plan.

Either way, DC comes out ahead: get a representative in Congress, get a giant tax break. Sure would make me think about moving into the city proper.

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  1. c (unregistered) on January 3rd, 2007 @ 10:36 am

    The plan seems pretty silly to me, especially since it gives the district only the 1 vote in the house, not full representation. I guess that would make me 1/3 of a citizen. Didn’t we already try fractions in the constitution to horrible moral effect?

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