Thinned Blood

I’ve talked about my time Up North probably as often as… way too much, I know. It’s just when you have a place to generally consider your “roots” and the place you’ve landed is so different, it’s hard not to make comparisons – not in terms or good versus bad, just in differences.

As in past years, I’m in the Detroit area spending the days around Christmas with my family. I made the drive up the middle of last week (having to pay my own tolls, unfortunately) during a warming period for most of the north and northeast. I left DC with weather in the low 60’s and arrived in Michigan with temperatures warm for the season – high 40’s to low 50’s.

Let’s just say we’ve gotten back to normal here and are experiencing “real” lows – and the low temperatures here land on us around 4 pm. Basically I’ve determined that my blood has thinned living in DC. I don’t mind it, it’s nice to live there now after 5.5 years and not only believe, but really feel as if the mid-40’s is “really cold.” It’s not, but it feels like that to me now. It’s not even close to cold, but after a few days here I readjust to my winter skin. Some good solid mid-20’s can only do me good for another week.

DC changes a lot of things about a lot of people, but one I did not expect was making me a Winter Woos.

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