Liverpool, F.C. fans?

lfc.jpg Do you live in the D.C. area? Are you here for business? a holiday? or are you one of many internal transplants like me? Are you a soccer football fan? Do you know when Gary Ablett made his debut with Liverpool, F.C.? Perhaps you know that Stevie Nicol was a player/coach for the Boston Bulldogs prior to joining the New England Revolution. Maybe you even know why Grobbelaar went bankrupt in the nineties, but most importantly, you know why the Hillsborough Disaster pulls on the heartstrings of Liverpool fans the world over and that you’ll never walk alone.

Evern if you’re a Chelsea, F.C. fan, I’m sure you know that you’re very own Frankie Lampard is Jamie Redknapp’s counsin. Whether you’re a Spurs fan, a Manc fan or even a Magpie fan, soccer football is the name of your game and you’d like to find the perfect DC-area venue to enjoy watching the match over a proper breakfast and a pint. Chances are, you’re not alone.

If you’re in the Arlington area, you may have ventured over to Summer’s, survey says: Summer’s blows big chunks. Try crossing the street to Ireland’s Four Courts where you’re not forced to buy breakfast in order to watch the match with crappy reception. Four Courts has plenty of room in the bar, unlike Summer’s and will show several matches at once. They’ve been known to show an ARSEnal match at one end, the ‘Pool match in the middle and the Manc match at the other end.

Help a girl out kids. No. 5 Liverpool vs. No. 19 Charlton kicks off at 7:45 a.m. EST tomorrow morning and I want to show the lovely staff at the Courts that there are other eejits out there besides me who’ll get up at the butt-crack of dawn after a night out to support ‘Pool and make their 7:45 a.m. opening worth while. Come out for the game, stay for a slap up breakfast, a pint and the following 10 a.m. matches:

No. 3Arsenal vs. No. 4 Portsmouth;
No. 14 Newcastle vs. No. 20 Watford;
No. 7 Reading vs. No. 17 Blackburn; and
No. 11 Wigan vs. No. 16 The UnitedSheffield United.

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  1. EdTheRed (unregistered) on December 15th, 2006 @ 3:06 pm

    I live in DC, so I tend to hit Fado these days when I get up early enough (the DirecTV/TiVo combination has spoiled me, so I don’t make it out to the pub for as many matches as I used to). Lucky Bar is fine for Champions League afternoons, but their breakfast menu sucks (why did they have to 86 the sandwich? It wasn’t great, but it was better than a plate of beans).

    BTW, God save us if they push back the weekend Metro opening to 8AM…

  2. Mik (unregistered) on December 15th, 2006 @ 4:19 pm

    I think Four Courts is worth the trip, but that’s just me. The barstaff there are fabulous, and you can’t beat the camaraderie between fellow ‘Pool, heck fellow Premiership fans.

    Not to mention the fact that I’d rather watch a match live than not at all, especially when chances are my brother/cousin/mother, etc., will probably text me with the score before I get to the good parts of a tapped match.

    Did you see who Liverpool and Celtic drew for the Champions League 16?

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