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Downtown After Dark

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For every commission report and press conference in DC, of which there are approximately 3 gazillion each year, there are the people that appear on the news, and there are the people who make the event Happen. If you see enough of these events in your time here in DC, you frequently miss the people that make these sorts of events possible. Today, I got to be one of those People for the The New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce as they launched their report and presented their case to invited guests today at the Grand Hyatt downtown. There’s a ton of work that goes into these events. My partner and I have been planning and plotting the AV for the event for close to a month now, and worked multiple 12 hour days this week making sure everything went off without a hitch.

It’s an amazing thing to watch an event come together, with all the screens and podia and chairs and tables and people working in concert with the space to get it all ready. Last night, as I took a quick break to find a laser point and a presentation remote, I caught this picture of H St. downtown. Downtown DC after dark, as most of the people have cleared out of the business district, as most of the folks who were writing and presenting were off to dinner, is so incredibly peaceful and serene.

In that calm and serenity lie of the very best of DC, in the midst of winter.

So, thank your support staff today, if you’ve ever hosted an event at a downtown hotel, or ever made a presentation. A smile and a thanks on a job well done are never as good as a raise and a nice gift card, but sometimes they’re the best thing you can give someone.

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