Metro's new Metrobrella If you’ve ever come to D.C. as a tourist, then you know it inevitably happens; the rain starts, you’re probably lost near U Street and want to get over to the Navy Yard and you have abso-bloody-lutely no idea where the closest tourist hot spot is, much less how to get over to East Falls Church for some tasty State Theatre happenings.

Fear no more, Dear Tourist. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s none other than Metrobrella to your rescue!! The genius that is the Washington Metro Area Transportation Authority took the Metro map and placed on these nifty, compact umbrellas.

An anonymous tipster clued us here at D.C. Metblogs into a this fabulous new, cool metro offering, available for purchase from the Metro Shop. Ah-ha, you’re a tourist, caught in the rain around 14th and S Streets and don’t have time to wait three days for the trendy metrobrella to arrive? Have no fear, just pop into Home Rule and pray they have it in stock.

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