Thanksgiving End

Ah, the end of Thanksgiving weekend. The frigid cold is gone, the windows open to a spring-like breeze. Slowly, cars are returning to our block as neighbors drive back from grandma’s house in the ‘burbs or airport hell. We’re relaxing in front of football, slurping down Thanksgiving Soup Surprise (this year’s version: turkey and curry vegetables – just the thing for holiday hangovers). Soon we’ll drive my brother to the airport, the last of the guests to be on their way home.

The past few days went by in a whirl, as we hosted relatives and friends in an attempt to start a new tradition – namely, that DC is “home” and once in a while, family should come to us instead. It worked so well that I may become quite spoiled and never travel on the holidays again. Right, that has a high likelihood of happening! Oh well.

A few outsider observations about our fair city were made that I thought I’d share. One was that the female population appears more petite than other states. Is this true? I’m not sure, but the minute the comment was made, I saw a dozen petite girls meandering through the always entertaining Cue Bar and thought, “hmm… there might be something to this theory.”

Another was that hanging at Stetson’s was far more fun than at Bar Pilar, an opinion I completely share after standing for two seconds in Pilar’s crowded sauna of a hallway. Not only that, the nearby Saint-Ex continued its demise in my mind by having an actual velvet rope situation outside – it better have been for a private party, because I can’t imagine a place that started out wanting to be a cool neighborhood bar warranting that kind of attitude. Anyway, Stetson’s lived up to its undying rep as casual unpretentious sanctuary, where we lounged with friends, nursed by Mother Beer, patting our turkey bellies with glee.

Ah yes, Happy Thanksgiving DC! Now, back to work… sigh.

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  1. Doug (unregistered) on November 26th, 2006 @ 9:41 pm

    I’ll have to check out Stetson’s, they even have coin-op pool tables. Their website is horrible however, and way out of date (on all sorts of levels).

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