outlaw landscapers

I understand well that people will steal the most random of shit. Road signs, statues, toilet paper rolls in fast food places, whatever. But this one was a new one on meA tree? Seriously?

Here’s a hint for my fellow Arlingtonians: If you are affluent enough to afford a house in Arlington that’s big enough to have a yard worth landscaping, then you are affluent to buy your own damn trees to fill that yard with. Don’t want to pay $3K for a tree? Grow it yourself. Just because it’s in a park that your tax dollars pay for doesn’t mean it’s YOUR tree for the taking. My tax dollars pay for that park too, so don’t be a jackass.

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  1. In_tears (unregistered) on November 15th, 2006 @ 4:57 pm

    Who said it was an Arlington County resident or an affluent at that? Maybe someone in a shady landscaping business on the look-out for a client that wanted that tree. I was really sad when I read about in the Post last week. Actually, it’s sick. When someone has to steal a tree, the world really is coming to an end.

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