Rumsfeld… redacted

We’re not a political blog, but being in the seat of government makes it hard not to comment on goings-on during a hot election cycle. What is theory and philosophical matters for most of the country translates into day-to-day differences for those of us here. Funding for agencies could change your employment situation if you’re a contractor and anyone in the lobbying business will be calling on different people in 2007. She might be someone else’s Senator but our business contact. Or maybe even the friend of a friend, as is the case for me with on-the-way-out SecDef Rumsfeld.

Living here, most of us are also aware of the political realities and how quick the winds shift. Case in point – if you’ve never heard of Rumsfeld’s Rules before, you’d do well to give them a look. Whether you love him or hate him or are somewhere in between, I think you’ll like them and find they’re good advice not just for the political appointees he wrote them for thirty years ago but for much of life in general. You won’t find them, however, at the DoD website.

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  1. wasiq (unregistered) on November 12th, 2006 @ 5:48 pm

    Indeed politics can be strange for the outsiders like myself…but the thing is that in a good democracy what the most powerful people of the world wants from us is only our trust in their doings and what we need from them is their right actions.This Sacking is a failure of the person not the system.

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