Ferrari Does DC

Front View Blue

Originally uploaded by tbridge.

If you wandered around the city today and happened to lay eyes on two beautiful Ferrari Fioranos, it’s because they’re here as part of the Ferrari Panamerican 20000, a trip from Belo Horizonte, Brazil to New York, NY, by way of the Panama Isthmus, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and then on to DC. This morning they scheduled a fuel stop in Ashburn, so I trekked out there despite my election hangover and my fatigue to see these monster cars.

Wow. What incredibly sexy vehicles. Sadly, I didn’t get to take it on a test drive, but after their fuel stop in Ashburn, they were headed downtown for pictures, and thence to the Italian Embassy for a big Ferrari party. I hear they’re even putting the cars inside. Anyhow, keep an eye out, they’ll be around all of today and will be heading to Detroit tomorrow morning.

I hope the drivers take I-68, that’s the kind of interstate that those cars are absolutely made for. Want more pictures? I’ve got a whole Flickr set for you. My new desktop is this shot

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