DC Intercultural Confusion Incidents

One of my supermodels is from Central Asia, (unlike GMU, I really diversify), and she has interesting takes on DC life. Today’s intercultural confusion incident is Chincoteague Island. In her own words:

Nudity Prohibited

During one great hike to Chincotiague Island on the way to VA Beach, we came across this sign:

Implications are that starting with the sign, whoever was nude, should immediately dress up; and probably there were more than one incidence that made park authorities to put up that sign.

Also, we noted that definition of nudity would be helpful to be displayed right there so that people were completely clear.

Very true, my dear, but we wrestle with the definition of nudity every day in Washington, from Boy Scout statues to PETA protests, and even in libraries. Did you see anything else unique?

The same day we read in a brochure on trails something like that hunting certain animals is allowed in certain parts of the park in the area, and the disabled persons on wheelchair have access to shooting – so, weird and kind-a-sick.

Sorry, I lost the brochure and exact wording. In no way I misunderstand equal opportunity clauses, but that brochure put it in a very bad way.

What, the right to shoot defenseless animals with high powered weaponry is bad? Wheelchair or not, we don’t limit random shooting to wild animals. Dogs in city parks are also fair game, as well as kids in daycare and teenagers at IHOP, because for us gun control = madness.

Welcome to America!

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  1. Mike (unregistered) on November 7th, 2006 @ 12:39 pm

    There’s a hilarious David Sedaris story where he talks about how it’s legal for the blind to hunt in both Texas and Michigan. “They might bag a deer or they might happily shoot a camper in the stomach.”

  2. jgregory (unregistered) on November 7th, 2006 @ 4:42 pm

    So does the speed limit mean you need to slow down and watch for non-nudists who might stray into the road or slow down for the rouge nudist in hopes of a quick peek? Or does it mean speed up and stop looking for the possible bulbous or dangly naughty bits? And what makes this little cove a better naked swimming place, the fact it is so nicely mowed? Is it chigger free?
    I just love signs. They only get better in England.

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