Cirque d’ Soleil

So I went to the new Cirque show they’ve got set up over on the ruins of the old convention center (called Corteo) It was probably their best show in a while, and that’s despite the fact that it starts with a clown funeral. They had all the usual insane acts, including a woman twirling a hula-hoop while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. Of course there were three minor differences between this show and some of the previous ones I’ve seen. First, it’s done in theater in the round instead of a standard stage. Second, a lot of the dialog is in English, instead of the standard mix of gibberish and French. And third, the people sitting behind me would not freaking shut the hell up! They were unable to restrain themselves from loudly making ll sorts of fascinating comments from, “Whoa, that guy is goooood,” to “I bet I could to that,” to “who wants some more frozen yogurt?” So if you were the people in seats 1-4 Row J last night, thanks a lot for ruining the show. Jerks.

Anyway, they’re in town until Nov 26th, in case you are interested.

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