Around this time of year, I find my thoughts turning towards all the scary fun and frights of Halloween. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say, “Nothing captures the true spirit of Halloween more than a giant burrito!” Yeah sure, bobbing for apples, gobbling candy corn, and carving pumpkins are all traditional Halloween food-related treats, but gimme a giant burrito to nibble on any day.

Well finally, Corporate America is here to help us with all our Halloween burrito-eating needs. If you go into any of the legion Chipotle restaurants in the DC area on Halloween dressed as a giant burrito (or any Chipotle-brand food product I’d wager), they will give you a free burrito.

Even better than eating a burrito is dressing like a giant burrito, right? The fun of dressing like a burrito might make up for the fact you are almost guaranteed to spend more $$$ on the costume than you would have if you just paid for the food directly. Plus, Halloween is all about the scary, and what’s more scary than a giant corporation getting free advertising by encouraging people to dress up as their product for a traditional Holiday?

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