that’s (still) some good pizza

that’s (still) some good pizza

Back in May of 2005, Chris wrote about the great pizza you can enjoy at 2 Amy’s, a member of the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association. The restaurant has been recognized by the Washingtonian as one of the 100 Very Best and 100 Best Bargains. It has also enjoyed critical acclaim from the Washington Post. Now the restaurant has been highlighted by Ed Levine, author of "Pizza: A Slice of Heaven: The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion," in November’s issue of Details magazine.

In "American Pie," Levine details the results of spending a year eating countless slices of pizza in 20 states and three foreign countries:

" You think that’s an easy job? I’ve eaten pizza in places where Hamburger Helper-style ground beef is the preferred topping. I’ve eaten pizza in places where cubed pig blood is the snack of choice. But I’ve also eaten pizza so fine that I could have written a sonnet about it. These pies, baked by discerning pizzaioli across the country, are the ones I want to tell you about: pizza with crisp but tender crusts, fresh (white, not yellow) mozzarella, high-quality tomatoes, and perhaps a touch of salt (table or sea)."

Included in his list of the 15 most notable, and the only restaurant listed from the greater D.C. metro area, is 2 Amy’s.

"2 Amys (named after the two owners’ wives) has introduced world-class pizza to the nation’s capital. Co-owner Tim Giamette’s pizza-making philosophy: ‘Everything is in the dough.’ He also credits his pizzaiolo, Edan MacQuaid, who, he says, ‘probably came out of his mother’s womb making great pizza.’ MacQuaid’s pies have crust with the fine hole structure found in great bread, plus the right amount of char."

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