Grade Fixing Scandal at Local High Schools

46 players at 7 area schools yesterday were found to have had their grades altered in order to make them eligible for high school sports. I thought this stuff only happened in crazy places like Texas and California, but apparently add Maryland to the list of places where teachers and administrators lie and cheat to get specific athletes on the field. Worse still, the GPA required for school activities is only a 2.0, meaning that the folks that they’re helping to cheat are likely the ones being disruptive in class, holding back the rest of the students and otherwise being meatheads.

More shocking? This quote from the Post:

Academic ineligibility, which affects everything from the drama club to the football team, has been an issue in Montgomery for several years. At some campuses, close to one-third of students don’t have 2.0 grade-point averages.

Wait. Nearly a third of the students at some schools around here are at less than a C average? Christ on a Pogo Stick, people, what are these teachers doing?

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