Snot Goblin

IMG00094.jpg What could you be doing, slowly meandering up Thomas Jefferson Street during rush hour traffic cruiser 261?

Might you be racing to obstruct a fire hydrant or two?

You might rule the streets with your gun, you may even feel like the big, bad policeman in your spiffy cruiser. Perhaps you even stop at Krispy Kreme during your shift for a sugar high, after all, it’s not like the men and women of District 2 have a tough job. Regardless, what gives you the right to spread your repugnant mucus all the way up Thomas Jefferson, along M and up 30th Street, Mr. Cruiser Occupant.

Oh yes, I did not find pleasure in your spitting competition, you snotty-nosed street polluter. Watching your green, sickly phlegm leave your window in a repulsive arc of slimy snot and thwack onto Thomas Jefferson Street was far from my idea of rush hour entertainment.

Why not take a sick day or two to clear your stuffy sinuses, especially now that the crime emergency is due to end tomorrow.

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