Warner Says No

Well, it appears that former Virginia Governor and NoVA Business Magnate Mark Warner is saying no to a presidential run in 2008. What is it about smart people not wanting to seek that high office? Oh right, would it be the constant digging into their personal life? The absolute media scrutiny of every move you make, right down to how you wash your hands after you take a whiz? Yeah, I wouldn’t want that job either.

Neither, apparently, did his wife: “People who know Warner say his wife and daughters have never been eager to see him run for the presidency. His wife, Lisa Collis, was not a prominent Virginia First Lady and often remarked to people close to her that she did not like the political limelight.” My translation, for the media-impaired: Ms. Collis said to her husband that if he ran, not only would she tell him to take a hike, she’d wait and do it after their tenure in the white house, forcing him through four or eight cold years in the white house bedroom.

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