Dominion Power, ever helpful…..

storm.jpg Remember that severe storm we had Thursday night? Well look what greeted me when I arrived home around eight o’clock that evening. I pulled into my driveway completely unaware of the downed tree and luckily stopped short of driving straight into the heart of it. According to local sources, i.e. my housemates, Dominion Power was contacted shortly after six o’clock and informed of the downed tree precariously perching on the power lines that feed into our house. We left the driveway clear in hopes that eventually, someone would come to remove the tree.

We were extremely luck not to be one of the 30,000 customers without power due to the high winds that swept through Thursday night. After hearing absolutely nought from Dominion Power by ten o’clock, we again called and informed customer service of the lingering problem. The frustrated, yet nice customer service representative informed us that someone would be out to remove the bothersome limb within 2-4 hours.

When I awoke Friday morning, I could still see the limb obstructing the driveway, and once again called Dominion Power to inquire as to the arrival time of the phantom employees who were scheduled to remove the giant limb from cutting off our power supply. The irked customer service representative, who apparently had been up all evening with a sick child and was in serious need of a coffee IV put me on hold for about twenty minutes before “dropping” my call. Well thank you most helpful Dominion Power, we greatly appreciate your assistance. Would it not be more costly for them to fix a downed line than to remove the offensive limb before it did any serious damage?

By five o’clock yesterday evening, we’d still heard no word from Dominion Power and the tree was still dangerously close to downing the power lines completely. Although the new television ads tell us not to touch downed power lines, nor anything in contact with said downed power lines, my housemates, with some help were able to remove the tree and heave it onto the front lawn.

Take that mister heavy-duty-rubber-gloved Dominion Power man.

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