What Washington is Wearing: Vol. 2

With apologies to reader “Faux Pas,” who indicated a dislike of the trend in our last installment, leggings are here to stay for the season. On a recent Post chat, Project Runway icon Tim Gunn was asked by a commenter from London about the resurgence (Mik’s mum was right on target – leggings are back across the pond!). He noted:

“Leggings are everywhere, indeed. Personally, I’m not crazy about them, but they can look great with the right look, a tunic, for instance, or a long cardigan. Just don’t try to dress them up!

As with most things in fashion, we recycle. Leggings were big in the 80’s, so 20 years later (A typical recycling period) we revisit them.”

And indeed, there’s another leggings sighting in this week’s edition of What Washington is Wearing (Sorry again, Faux Pas! But rest assured, I am NOT wearing them. Yet.).

Fall brings gorgeous weather, but also the challenge of what the hell to wear in a transitional period of temperature fluctuations. We’ve all been there – you step outside your door, shiver, head back in to change, only to swelter by mid-day. Some buildings have AC still, some crank up the heat early, adding to the frustration. So what’s the answer? Layers layers layers.

Looks I’ve seen this week using this concept? A demure little wrap dress worn with dance leggings (toes and heels cut out) and d’orsay wedges. A very long halter dress paired with a camel cardigan, pointy shoes peeping out at the hem. Tights worn with sandals (Please, I beg you, please stop. Maybe, MAYBE, if you are trying to imitate a Kenzie ad. But usually, outside of a club, you aren’t.). Bare legs sheathed in narrow capri pants matched with skimmers and a cosy camel coat.

My least favorite look this week? Sure, Casual Friday is responsible for some serious faux pas, but who wears super tight super skinny super low-rise jeans to work? So low-rise the pockets are all on the back of the thigh and there’s barely any coverage? In the chill of a fall morning you have to know that your sweater is not doing an adequate coverage job, right? Gosh, I really didn’t need to see that on my way in this morning.

Til next time!

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  1. Mik (unregistered) on September 29th, 2006 @ 8:14 pm

    Personally, I’m waiting for the day-glo legwarmers to make a come back. I reaaaaaaaally hope that people are cautious when trying the legging look. Someone like you Jenn, would look fabulous sporting leggings underneath a dress or skirt, I however, would never in a million years be able to get away with it.

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