Advertising Idiots

Examiner | dc | 71362.jpgImagine selling shoes door to door. That’s right. You walk up to every house, every day and leave a pair of boots. You don’t care about the size. You don’t care about the style. Your job is to spread your brand.
Now image the people in the houses you visit don’t like your shoes. They call and ask you to stop delivering them. You ignore their calls, their emails, even the notes on the shoes they leave on their front gate. You keep spreading the product.
Right now there are dozens of the pictured newspapers in bags with notes hanging on the gates around my block. Some request politely. Some demand, “No More EXAMINER!“ They have been hanging around my neighborhood for months.
My questions is, what advertising team thinks this is helping their newspaper? How long does this team think my neighbors will take the inconsideration and waste before they start calling the businesses advertising in the newspaper?
These marketers have now taken mildly annoyed residents and created a united team of pissed-off residents. I stopped one of the distributors and told him I didn’t want the newspaper. He told me to hang one on my gate and he’d stop delivering it to me.
In full disclosure, after calling three times they stopped delivering newspapers to my house today. Maybe they will stop longer then they did last month when I called. If you want to see a slideshow of them, select the inset photo.

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  1. Sweet (unregistered) on September 27th, 2006 @ 1:26 pm

    Aww man. Although that slide show is pretty hilarious.

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