switching to dish (part one)

After months, if not years, of dissatisfaction with Comcast cable television, I began to wonder whether or not I should switch to satellite.  Based on the unreliability of Comcast’s internet service, I already made the switch from cable modem to Verizon DSL – and was much happier with the service level – even if it is slower, at least it’s always working!

I asked for input from our readers on whether or not they were having problems with Comcast television, if anyone was using DishTV in Arlington, and what their experience has been.  I also turned to Consumer Reports.  They noted that satellite scored better in factors such as overall satisfaction, value for the money, picture quality, sound quality, and selection of channels.  This information, combined with your comments, led me to sign up with DishTV last Wednesday. 

The installation was scheduled for Friday morning.  The installation team showed up at the early part of their scheduled 4-hour timeframe (bonus!).  It was only after surveying my house and surrounding area that we hit a snag.  The first component of the system that has to be installed is the dish – and this requires a clear southern exposure at a particular angle.  Unfortunately, we have a large condo building to the south of our house, so the dish would have to be installed on the roof (as opposed to one of our balconies).

Apparently our roof was a bit higher and steeper than the installation team was prepared for – both in terms of equipment and courage.  One of us happened to overhear the leader of the team say something like “Shoot, I only get paid $12 an hour – I ain’t going up there!” 

We agreed that the roof was a challenge – and obviously we don’t anyone to fall off it and get hurt.  To their credit, the installation team was very apologetic that we wouldn’t be able to start enjoying satellite that day.  They also let us know they were “outsourcing” the installation job to another installation team that apparently doesn’t mind risking life and limb to install dishes on roofs.

That team was scheduled to come in this morning.  They’ve arrived, but I have no word yet on whether or not they’ll be able to scale Mount Smouie.  We’ll keep you updated…

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