Top 25 Fictional DC Resident: #8 Samson

Name: Samson
Cab Number: 28
Least Favorite Fares: Old White Politicians with Black Prostitutes
Line: My Cab Ain’t No Motel.
Home Base: DC Cab Company, Chinatown

Ah, DC Cab. What a movie. Made in 1983 in Murder-Capital-Of-The-World days, it captures a DC that is long gone past. Well, except for the crazy cabbies, those, we still have. DC Cab features Paul Rodriguez as Xavier (the Gigolo), Gary Busey as the racist Dell, and lovable Mr. T as Samson, an anti-drug, pink wrist-band wearing cabbie who’s looking out for his niece.

Out of that crowd, Samson is the most outstanding. He’s always looking out for his hood, always looking our for the kids of his neighborhood. He even manages to unseat the pimps for the sweetest car in town. And, except the whole carjacking thing, he seems to be an upright individual. He gives an amazing speech on the foot of the Lincoln Memorial that gives me chills.

Besides, you know you want to rent it, just for the Peabo Bryson theme. Everyone loves Peabo, right?

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