Snakes on a Monument

That’s right, it’s time for Snakes on a (motherfuckin’) Plane! Today is the premiere of Samuel L. Jackson’s brilliant new parodyflick about snakes. on a plane. Yes, I can imagine the pitch meeting, a film director walks in, his cool hipster glasses on, sitting down in front of the studio suits, slouching in their chairs. He slams his notebook on the desk and shouts “SNAKES ON A PLANE!”

The studio suits are unimpressed. Until the guy says “Samuel L. Jackson, starring.”


“SOLD!” they cried. And so the legend begins.

Tonight it premieres at Loews’ Georgetown (10:00p, 12:15a) and Gallery Place (10:00p, 12:15a), as well Union Station (10:00p), AMC Hoffman Center (10:00p, 11:00p, 12:00a), The Majestic (10:00p) Fairfax Cinema De Lux (10:00p No Director’s Hall) and Ballston (10:00p). Tickets were still available at the writing of this entry. C’mon, you know you want to see this kind of camp.

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  1. Sam Called Me (unregistered) on August 17th, 2006 @ 2:28 pm

    OK, what’s really odd, is yesterday my cell phone rings. It’s a 703 which I don’t recognize. I answer, and it’s Samuel Jackson. Samuel Freaking Jackson. Sure it’s a recording, but it goes on for about 4 minutes, saying how if I don’t get out of my chair, stop playing video games and see this movie he will come and ****ing kill me. It bleeped, I swear. It nailed my demographic, video game user, IT job, and even referenced my name (pre-recorded name bank). It ends with him getting all worked up, Pulp Fiction style, yelling at me to ‘GO SEE THIS ***ing MOVIE!’

    Turns out you can go to their website and have Samuel call you. Someone loves me. Try it:

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