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Don’t Block the Box

Are you annoyed that annoying tourists others continue to stand in the Metrorail car doors during rush hour? Do you want them to know the door hogs are a public egress hazard?

How about this idea from Life Outta Context? To quote ’em:

Borrowing from New York’s plan to reduce intersection gridlock, the Metro should institute a “Don’t Block the Box” campaign.

Mark off subway car exits in bright and bold yellow. Give the announcer a new script that includes the admonishment DON’T BLOCK THE BOX said in her best uncompromising tone (more like your middle school vice principal).

Amen, brother. Play on drummer!

Stay Cool

With temperatures expected to climb into the triple digits on Tuesday and Wednesday, beating the heat is going to be a challenge this week. You know the drill, stay indoors if you can, stay in the shade if possible when outside, drink plenty of fluids but avoid alcohol. That last bit of advice may be difficult for some DC Metrobloggers, but I won’t name any names. We’re supposed to get some relief by next weekend, if you want to call 85 and humid relief.

You were warned about das boot

Yes, I warned you it was boot time in Columbia Heights, but you ignored me. You didn’t pay your two or more 30-day-old, unpaid parking tickets and you continued to park in the wrong zone too long.

Now you get what you deserve, das boot. Bright orange and solid steel, it will clasp your tire in a death grip until you follow the DMV boot rules:

  • pay your outstanding tickets,
  • another $50 for the boot/de-booting,
  • and wait two hours post-payment to be de-booted.

Will that teach you, will you learn, will you finally accept that Columbia Heights doesn’t mess around with the boot?

I don’t know what to make of this one…

Okay, my Spanish may not be great but it’s good enough to get the joke in L.A. Story when they go on vacation at “Pollo de Mar,” Chicken of the Sea. So when we drove past “Crazy Chicken,” a seafood restaurant, I had to wonder. Irony? A transition in business direction? Or is the chicken there just that bad that they started just telling people it’s actually fish…

My DC Delivery Drawer

There comes a time in kitchen renovation when you just can’t take it anymore. The “temp kitchen” arrangement of juggling patchwork meals made with toaster oven, microwave, and the necessary yet horrifying “slop bucket” – yes, it’s 1890 again in your 1890’s house! That’s when the Delivery Drawer comes in handy.

(Of course, when you don’t have any cabinets or drawers, it’s really more of a Stack than a Drawer, but you get the drift.)

I think everyone must have a pile of take-out/delivery menus, and not just for renovating woes. In a busy city of busy people we all need to rely on the land of delivery food once in a while. Hell, I’ve known several people for whom “once in a while” somehow became “every night,” and they don’t have my excuse! So here’s a run-down of the top favorites in my Delivery Drawer (ah, Stack. Pile. Whatever!).

1) Yum’s, 14th & Wallach. Though various Chinese menus get stuck in my door in an attempt to wean us of the old reliable, nothing beats the fast/cheap/courteous Yum’s for Sunday dinner dumplings before Deadwood.

Are you a Pinata Jedi?

When you’re at a BBQ and a mean burro pinata is presented, what do you do?

Are you like WFY here and attempt to use the power of the Force to down paper mache? Or do you be like me and duel a burro with classic fencing moves including a vertical sword twirl? Maybe you go with Don and believe in overwhelming firepower and start swinging a tree stump.

The best part of the videos taken by Sweet over at Sour n’ Sweet? The visual proof of our utter inability (including Sweet) to do any pinata damage. That was left to the next generation of pinata bashers.

“Well this isn’t very exciting”

We lead off our BBQ recap with “The PiƱata Fencer” featuring the incomparable Wayan. He will probably get me back for posting this one.

Thanks (or not) to Sweet of for the video. More to come.

we are doomed as a culture

This is the end result of a pinata orgy at the DC Metblogs BBQ.

Little kids pummeling a helpless burro to paper shards, no remorse, all kill lust.

Candy? They forgot about that when the pinata hit the ground. Mercy? Not for the helpless and paper mache.

bbq action

This is the good life: the DC Metblog BBQ and I am recruiting new supermodels.

What might you be doing instead? Mowing the lawn? Practing a xylophone?

Stop and join us at Fletchers Boat House.

RFK Hawker Economics 101

While I decry the outrageous prices at RFK Stadium ($6.50 for a Miller Lite!) the August 2006 issue of Washingtonian Magazine does illuminate the life of a RFK vendor.

In their One Mistake and You’ll Be Selling Soft Pretzels for $5 missive we learn that the 40,000 hot dogs sold annually at RFK are distributed by vendors who fight over who sells what under a strick pecking order determined by who sold the most from the last home stand.

The hawkers also work on commission, between 12 and 15 percent of the units (not the full value) of what they sell and the 60 hawkers make about $150 at each game.

In light of the $6.50 Miller Lite’s, I’m not surprised by this choice quote

“If it’s real hot out, I’m definitely selling water,” [Clarence Rucker] says. “But with hot dogs you can’t go wrong. Everyone comes to the baseball park to get a hot dog.”

Now just how much are those hot dogs? And are they really worth it?

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