A hole in the road

No, not that kind of hole in the road. A hole in the line of cars parked near my house, specifically the one where my beater 1986 Ford Bronco II used to be. It served me well – okay, it served me well enough – for a little over a year, long enough to justify the $700 it cost me. But its time had come to be replaced by something bigger (an extended-cab E250! I might have been able to fit this car inside that one…) and newer (1989 – now my two remaining vehicles were both minted AFTER I graduated High School – so exciting), so this one had to go.

With the used car market as soft as it is there was no point in dealing with trying to sell it, so I turned to one of the many options available for donating a vehicle. My first call was the the local Red Cross, however they told me they will only accept vehicles from 1991 or newer. Like I’d give up my 1991 vehicle! It’s the newest one I own! Turns out the person on the phone was full of crap – the web page for the Loudoun county chapter says they will take it, you just have to take it to them. Arlington’s more fussy. 1994? Why would I get rid of a perfectly good car that’s not even a teen yet? Other Red Cross chapters can be found here.

Another local charity that’ll take your vehicle is Melwood and they also take vehicle donations. I ended up going with WAMU’s donation program since I *cough*cough* have been remiss in becoming a member this year.

It’s crazy easy. Pick up the phone and call the number, making sure you have your title in hand. They’ll want the VIN and title number and some other information from you (does it run?) and will pass your contact info on to the tow company. I got a call from the tow company to make arrangements and get directions within 12 hours. Sign the title and put it with the keys in the glove box of the car and you don’t even have to be there. They’d come and gone before I walked out the door this morning at 8.

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