Not even in the “Top 10”

Are you one of the many DC’ers who thinks that the cost of living in the nation’s capital is far too inflated and overpriced? Well think again, bub. Thanks to a piece posted by Andreas up in our cold sister to the north, Boston Metblogs, I was able to peruse the Top 10 Most Overpriced Places in the U.S. slideshow, and you know what – D.C. didn’t even make the top ten.

Surprisingly, Massachusetts not only had the number one entry, with Essex County (where I hear you cry?) which is comprised of such towns as Marblehead (think mcmansions on the ocean), Swampscott, Peabody (home to Bunghole Liquors on Route 114), Salem (home of the Salem Witch Museum), Nahant (more mcmansions on the water), Manchester-by-the-sea, Topsfield (home of the Topsfield Fair and Newburyport (home to the best British Food Shop in all of Mass, just be careful not to speed there).

Cambridge (no surprise there), came in at number five, right behind Honolulu. As it houses one of the East Coast’s most prestigious universities, it’s hardly an eye-opener that it’s also one of the most expensive cities on the east coast, and in the continental U.S.

Boston slid into the top ten just before L.A. at number nine. Surprisingly, Boston ranked fourth (out of 112) with regard to average salaries. Perhaps it’s because I make more money now, here in D.C., than the measly salary I was paid at a top Boston law firm in 2000 that this fact surprises me so. Makes sense, I’m sure that more than the recommended 20% goes toward housing costs.

So fellow DC’ers, when you want to complain about the cost of living, think about those poor folks in Honolulu, who not only have the sea, the sun, the surf, the sand, but have the pleasure of living in the U.S. fourth most expensive city. Hey – it could be worse, they could be living in Boston.

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