Ode the Five AM Fire Alarm

It is early, pre-dawn even, quiet and clear
Into this life, into my sleep, a buzzing comes to my ear
What is that sound, that obnoxious call?
Why it’s the fire alarms calling from down the hall

Wake up it calls to me impatiently
Is there smoke to smell or see?
No, no, there is not even a hint of fire,
Whoever pulled the alarm is a liar

The pillow I pull over my head
Sleep I need, I feel like the dead
Damn, what is that new and louder sound?
Its fire trucks coming from across town

Will they go door to door?
Making me leave my once quiet floor
No, they know this is a false alarm
Where the instigator will come to great harm

I know if I find the assholian perpetrator
I will beat him senseless with a refrigerator
Who would pull an alarm at 5 in the morning?
Is his life that worthless and boring?

No matter, sleep will not return to me
So evil and sick thoughts I think of he
Or if many, the whole gaggle of jerks
But at least we know the new fire alarm works

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