Sofi’s Adventures in Washington

I’ve been remiss in my postings, not for lack of desire but for lack of topic. It seems that in my dotage ;-) I have begun to socialize less and hibernate more. And now that it’s so hot in DC, my desire to stay cool has won over the need to be seen, what with my delicate constitution and all.

But fear not. I do have some news, trusting reader. I have recently acquired a dog from the Washington Humane Society and now am ‘on the trail,’ so to speak, of finding unusual dog-related parks, services, et al., in the DC area. So I pronounce this the first in an occasional series about my dog Sofi and her adventures in the center of the free world.

As soon as the weather breaks, I’m going to take my dog to the Congressional Cemetery (which to my amazement doubles as an enclosed dog park, of all things), to the dog beach and park in Annapolis and to several grooming facilities to seek out the most talented dog-ticians. And, Sofi and I are going through a course together later this summer so she can visit area hospitals and hospices to cheer up the sick and elderly by licking their noses. And you lucky ducks will get to hear all about it.

All these field trips involve a ride in the car, and I have now learned the hard way that Sofi gets car sick–she threw up once in my old car and again last Sunday in my very brand new car. So now the rule is, when we go, we go before breakfast.

But it was all worth it because we ended up at an especially neat-o dog park right off MacArthur blvd. on Chain Bridge Rd. It’s called Battery Kemble: 57 acres of dog and people fun in the sun…and shade. There’s a water fountain, picnic tables, lots of trees and hills, plenty of room for your dogs to run and, if your dog is a history buff (mine is), you can explain to her about the park’s role in the Civil War. (There’s a sign with the whole history gig on it so I won’t bother explaining now. ;-) It’s quite a lovely, hilly spot. Sofi gives it her highest five star rating.

Next time, I will hopefully have some human news to report.

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