Was it the left, or the right?

“We may be a small country but we’re a great one, too. The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter. David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.” – The Prime Minister, Love Actually

Truer words have probably never been spoken about England’s greatest Spice boy, and oh aren’t they clever words, resonating the absolute truth after yesterday’s cracker of a game. By cracker, I do mean dry and crumbly. I’m proud of the boys for getting through to the next round, but I think with a better formation (none of this 4-5-1 bollocks, Sven!) they could have shone brighter.

Much of what makes a match great is the atmosphere surrounding the viewer, and The Joyce offers up a fabulous atmosphere in spades. In my case, I faced the walk of shame and returned to The James Joyce in Baltimore with my tail between my legs to watch yesterdays England vs. Ecuador match. Due to having left The Joyce mere hours prior to kick-off, I was unable to look at anything remotely alcoholic without my stomach attempting to lead a revolt against my body.

The Joyce is the sister pub of the Four Courts in Clarendon, offering an identical menu, cheeky bar staff and a full Irish breakfast. The Joyce offers two larger screens in the dinning areas, several above-bar screens with nary a bad view from any seat in the house. Settling in with my diet coke, I noticed a gaggle of girls donning England shirts in one corner, and the usual brood of footie fans with scarves, hats and pints in another. Soon after kick-off, when the ladies started chanting for “Crouchy”, and I threw in a quick he’s big, he’s mad, he dances like ya dad, Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch, it was apparent that this the Joyce is my kind of place to be. [Crouch never made an appearance during this game and after his abysmal role in the Trinidad match (I don’t care if he finally did end up scoring) it might have been for the best].

A disappointing game, with a postive outcome and Becks shining through as the golden boy, yet again. Can anyone tell me why both Robinson and Carragher ended up with yellow cards? My guess is time wasting, and if that’s the case perhaps these Refs need a crash course in how to referee prior to each match. I suppose they are only living up to the age old “The Referee’s a Wanker” chants that footie fans love to break out during many the match.

For a comprehensive guide to the Dos and Don’ts of England WC06 chants, check out this piece by Tom Knight – [*]

Chants heard from yesterday:

1-0 down,
5-1 up,
two world wars, and one world cup,
with a knick-nack paddy-wack,
give a dog a bone,
all you
germans f**k off home

We’re Red
We’re White
We’re F*kin Dynamite
We’re England, we’re England!!

He’s fat, he’s scouse, he’s probably robbed your house!
Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney!!

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