Hitting it on the Head

A while back, I hailed Jon Stewart a hero for berating Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala live on CNN, which ended with Crossfire being cancelled. Today, I hail Ze Frank.

Normally, I have a dislike for podcasting and vlogging, simply because you’re suddenly on the author’s timetable for material, their speech pattern, their interpolated graphics, all the trappings that put you on anything other than your own reading pace. However, Ze Frank seems to capture brilliantly the zeitgeist of the good podcast with his “The Show”. Yesterday’s episode marks a new high for the League of Awesomeness, especially when it comes to hitting the nail on the head when it comes to American Politics.

DC is the capital of American Politics, and so we’re often the focal point of every stupid bullshit posturing vote, every lame attempt at an amendment to a bill, every move and counter move that shows just how mean-spirited and evil your opponents are, and every pandering attempt to “send a message to your base that you’re fighting for them!” This morass that we’ve found ourselves in is boundless, it appears.

Today, Ze’s got the goods on the whole thing, and he’s unafraid to call it what it is: a clusterfuck.

Thank you Ze for getting that out there. Remember, support your local clusterfuckers this Fall!

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