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Maybe if you were playing for the Lakers…

Guess who’s spending Memorial Day in the poke? None other than our very own Gilbert Arenas, star player for the Washington Wizards. Not to worry, it’s only for resisting arrest without violence. Arenas is turning out to be the Bill Clinton of the NBA; even when he’s a dummy, you can’t help but love the guy.

The story with all this is that Wizards benchwarmer Awvee Storey was busted for blocking a street in Miami. A cop ordered him off the street and arrested him for not obeying a command. Gilbert jumps out of the car to stick with his boy. And gets his own pair of slap-ons. Of course, if the arresting officer looked anything like chicky below, well, go go gilly!!!

P.S. If you are an NBA free agent reading this, don’t you think that you would want a teammate like that? And since Storey will soon be a free agent himself, I’m dropping the hint that he won’t be coming back…

who is this?

Who would you say this random NoVA BBQ supermodel is with those big Ray Bans: Maverick from Top Gun or better yet, that porn cop you always wanted to be arrested by?

Me, I say she is that porn cop who saunters up to the car window with a smirk and furry handcuffs.

What do you think?

Civilization comes to Shirlington

Civilization comes to Shirlington

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South Arlington has long been a grocery wasteland, with your options being a run down Safeway, and even more run down Giant, and no good place to get groceries that you wouldn’t be scared of. Sure, the made-over Safeway on Route 7 looks nice, but the fish section still reeks, the beef looks a bit picked over, and the “organic” produce section is just a few tiny veggies. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

The new end of the Shirlington Village will have a Harris Teeter, a Robeks, a Caribou Coffee and a Johnny Rockets. While it’s not a Wegman’s, or an indie coffee shop, it is a real grocery store, and something South Arlington has desperately needed.

About goddamn time! Now…when does it open? Shirlington Villages’ site doesn’t say, nor does the Harris Teeter site, and all the signage down by the space doesn’t issue a date. However, most of the fa├žades behind the fence appear to be mostly complete, which is a good sign that perhaps this fall we might have a new grocery store…

You might think it’s old age making your hearing go…

… but no, it’s just time for Rolling Thunder again.

Godspeed sails into Alexandria

Starting today, a replica of the Godspeed, one of three ships to carry settlers to Jamestown in 1607, will be anchored in Alexandria.

Godspeed, one of the three original ships that in 1607 brought America’s first permanent English colonists to Jamestown, our nation’s birthplace, will serve as a floating museum for families, students and tens of thousands of visitors. We invite you to come and explore a sampling of 17th -century America … 21st century style!

Join in the excitement of the “Landing Party” – featuring live musical performances, family entertainment, historical and cultural displays highlighting the legacies of Jamestown and the growth of America — all free to the public, at a port near you.

The Landing Party will take place 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. on weekends and holidays and 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. during the week. Events are scheduled at Founders Park, Waterfront Park, and the Torpedo Factory area. More about the Godspeed’s arrival and Virginia tribes quest for recognition from The Post which supplied the photograph above.

Pneumatic Hammer.

Hammer This is a pneumatic hammer. It makes a loud noise, not unlike a gunshot. Today, two men were using a pneumatic hammer on the elevator shaft in G-3 of the Rayburn Building. Wanna bet those two are related?

Turns out, It’s DC’s Drivers That Suck

GMAC Insurance recently did a test of the knowledge of drivers in the United States and while Rhode Island took the prize for the worst drivers in the country, our own District wasn’t far behind. DC scored, on average, 76.5%, where Virginians scored 83.5%, and Marylanders scored 79.5%.

I scored slightly below my fellow Virginians at 80%, how well do you rank?

Arlington Community Bike Ride

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 27th marks the 2006 Arlington Community Bike Ride held by the Arlington County government’s Bike Arlington initiative.

The Community Bike Ride is a family-friendly opportunity to enjoy Arlington’s excellent network of bike trails. Two routes are available for participants: A 17-Mile Country Tour, and a 9-Mile Family Ride. Registration is free for Children under 13, $15 for adults ($20 day of event), and discounted membership in Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) is available with registration.

The event starts and ends in Shirlington, and check-in for riders is from 7AM to 8:30AM tomorrow. The Country Tour kicks off at 8AM, the Family Ride at 8:30AM

If you have children they will love this event. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy fresh air with your children, learn bike safety, and teach by example the importance of exercise. Rentals are available for those without bikes.

Differing Takes in Local Reporting

With the Rayburn Office Building still locked down, and no sign of a shooter in sight, it’s very interesting to see how the local TV stations are handling the situation versus how the cable news stations are handling the situation.

At 1:22pm, NBC 4 is showing a touching flashback as part of Days of Our Lives. Fox 5 is showing a commercial during Judge Hackett. At 1:24, ABC 7 is showing a fight between two lovers, JR and a pretty blonde woman. Things aren’t going well for JR. At 1:24, CBS 9 is showing the Young and the Restless. DC 20 is, of course, showing Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

NBC, ABC and CBS all had bits on the shooting during their noon newscasts, but have largely left the matter in the capable hands of the Capitol Police. What are the cable news nets doing?

CNN’s got about half their entire staff working on the matter, repeating the same three minute loop or something. However, they did point us at Rep. Jack Kingston actually reporting on his own blog about the experience being in the Rayburn building, holed up during the crisis. Great to see the Congressman using his own blog, way to go! We hope your rattled staffer is okay again soon.

MSNBC has a metric assload of live local shots, likely from NBC 4, but are also repeating the same tired story, breaking no news whatsoever.

Fox News is also showing the same tired tape loop, working on a two hour old story, regurgitating the same tired line of “No one can confirm shots were fired, there’s a press conference at 1:30.”

Local TV? Back to business, nothing to see here, just another scare, back to the soap operas.

Network News? Freak Out! This is a great easy story that requires no real work from us. Woohoo!

From the Capitol Hill Police Press Briefing:

“I think there are 5 floors in Rayburn Building.” — Isn’t that something you should know as a public information officer for the Capitol Police?

“Everyone is being questioned” — Really? Why? Doesn’t that sound odd to you? Why question everyone on the fifth floor when the problems are on the top level of the garage?

The PIO for the Capitol Hill Police is very professional, and I’m glad she’s dealing with the idiots from the cable nets instead of me.

No Swimming at Virginia Beach…

I hope you weren’t planning on going swimming this weekend when you were headed out to Virginia Beach. See, higher than normal bacteria count has closed a few beaches there, and folks are recommended not to go swimming, lest they come down with a nasty, nasty, nasty infection of the lungs, skin, eyes or gastrointestinal tract. Generally, that means don’t go near the goddamn beach

I fully expect an alarmist Fox Local News story on Tuesday at a hospital down at Virginia Beach with a few sick kids because their parents let them swim there anyhow.

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