Tiger Cubs Born at the Zoo

Apparently, the National Zoo is on fertility drugs. Between Baby Pandas, Baby Cheetahs, Baby Giraffes and all manner of other babies, the Zoo welcomed three new Sumatran Tiger Cubs last week. Like most DC families Zoo animals, the parents are split, with Soyono here in Washington and the father Rokan down in San Antonio. This is Soyono’s third litter of cubs, her previous four progeny are now in other zoos across the United States.

Am I the only one who wonders how all that happens? Is there some giant zookeeper poker game that happens somewhere? I can just see how that would play out…

(Interior: wood-panelled room, cigar smoke heavy in the air, visible beneath low table lights. Three zookeepers sit in their khakis around a table.)

Davidoff: So, Wilson, what’s it going to be?

Wilson slides his hole cards back and forth on the heavy felt, and cocks an eyebrow

Wilson: Raise. I’ll make it two rhinoceri. [Wilson throws two rhino figurines into the pot and takes back his family of giraffes.]

Davidoff is taken back, sits up stock straight in his chair and thumbs his chips.

Davidoff: You’re bluffing. Illuran folded the Jack you need for the straight. Call. [Davidoff throws in two Snow Leopard figurines]

Is it really like that? Some back room poker game? Did the National Zoo catch a full house on the river to beat the Chinese in order to get the Pandas and rights to breed them? Does San Diego have the best zoo because they managed somehow to hire away Doyle Brunson for a week a year?

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