The Dar Pino Code

I’ve recieved several emails about this recently due to the release of the Da Vinci Code film today.

Just to clear up any misconceptions about my body of writing after I am long dead – YES there is a secret code at work revealing a hideous secret that will shake the religious beliefs of billions to their very core. If you take all of my MetroBlogging DC articles and a few article hidden on other cities’ sites (pssst it’s Philly), and convert the letters into numbers using a simple A,B,C = 1,2,3 cipher and then divide that huge number by my birthday, multiply it by the number of missing Gospels, and then subtract the zip code of 10 Downing Street and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you will be very surprised, nay, horrified at what that number reveals.

My old High School locker number!

Next if you shine a black light into the locker the message “MASS HIS HATI” is revealed. Unscramble that and you have your answer.

Seriously – try it. The Dar Pino code – it’ll change your life.

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  1. darpino (unregistered) on May 19th, 2006 @ 5:04 pm

    Answer: ‘This is a sham”

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